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DATS, which stands for DAta Tag Suite, is a data description model designed and developed to describe datasets being ingested in DataMed, a prototype for data discovery developed as part of the NIH Big Data 2 Knowledge bioCADDIE project. For more information about the objectives of the bioCADDIE project, please have a look at the bioCADDIE White Paper.

This documentation describes the DATS model and how to use it. More details about how DATS was designed and how it relates to other models can be found in the documents accompanying each of the releases.

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BioCADDIE DATS is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0.


If you wish to contribute to DATS and/or this documentation, please report issues in our tracker or contact us directly (agbeltran and proccaserra.

The different releases of DATS are available in the bioCADDIE Working Group 3 Github Repository, including documents and appendixes, JSON schemas, JSON-LD context files and JSON-LD instance files.

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